• La Ribot

    Galería Soledad Lorenzo

    La Ribot comes from the world of dance but her crossover into the art context has elicited unexpected praise in the press. In a country like Spain, where television gossip shows have stooped to a new level of crudity in their nonstop focus on sex, the supreme elegance and spontaneity with which La Ribot displays her body has awakened the curiosity of the artistic and journalistic intelligentsia. Of course, only a privileged minority has actually been able to watch La Ribot as she brings her “Piezas distinguidas” (Distinguished pieces) to life. Here, the gallery visitor saw scattered on the floor

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  • Alberto García Alix

    Galería Juana de Aizpuru

    Alberto García Alix is a veteran photographer whom the art world had thought little about up until a few years ago. Now that our sense of the medium has expanded, his work, strongly tied to a specific time and place—Madrid in the ’80s—has succeeded in moving beyond this context and can be seen simply as one of the best oeuvres in contemporary Spanish photography. His work is consistently documentary in approach, although on occasion what’s documented is quite personal. García Alix’s work employs a straightforward vocabulary in capturing images from reality, even if he sometimes

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