• Kutlug Ataman

    BAWAG Contemporary

    The show's title could have come from Bob Dylan's melancholy poetry: “A Rose Blooms in the Garden of Sorrows” is a phrase that sounds like scratched vinyl. The Turkish filmmaker and video artist Kutlug Ataman a resented three recent works addressing social and sexual identities. A politically engaged artist, Ataman continually crosses the border between the cinema and the museum, the past and the present, the virtual and the politically relevant—and, finally, between reality and fiction.

    Semiha B. Unplugged, 1997, a remarkable 465-minute video, is a portrait of the Turkish opera star Semiha

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  • Dorothee Golz

    Galerie Hohenlohe

    A selection of sculptures and drawings from the last six years, Dorothee Golz’s second gallery exhibition in Vienna resembled a small-scale retrospective. The works on view seemed typical of Golz: humorous, sometimes sardonic images from the world of the everyday. Her Kommunikationsmodell (Communication model), 2000, consists of fused plaster cups (the remains of coffee are painted in)—a wonderful reference to people coming together. Golz placed the cups on a little table surrounded by her 4 Stapelstühle (4 stacking chairs), which could also be a kind of “communication model.” Each of this

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