• Adrian Piper

    Generali Foundation

    In 1992, just when a series of attacks on refugee camps was forcing a reunited Germany to confront its history anew, Adrian Piper made her first significant appearance in the German-speaking art world, with a solo exhibition at the Kunstverein München. The scandalous implications of the incidents at Hoyerswerda, Rostock, and elsewhere had a disturbing impact on the nation's liberal self-image, despite attempts by the media to minimize the events as acts by individuals. In this context, Piper's images and texts scored a direct hit, powerfully stirring many observers.

    Now, ten years later, Piper's

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  • Ayse Erkmen


    Nothing disquiets the Turkish quite as much as large bubbles in their coffee.

    Small bubbles are good and portend health or fortune, but the big ones are a bad sign. And so one must burst them before drinking. “Killing Space” is how Ayse Erkmen, a native of Istanbul who lives part-time in Berlin, describes this bubble-bursting. Space vanishes and with it, misfortune. In the foyer of the Wiener Secession, a slide projector beams large circular images onto the rosette in the entryway: Cups filled with Turkish coffee, photographed from above, invite us to participate in the foam-blowing oracles. With

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