• Francesca Gabbiani, The Wave, 2002, mixed media, 6' 6 3/4“ x 19' 8 1/4”.

    “Painting on the Move”

    Museum für Gegenwartskunst, mit Emanuel Hoffmann-Stiftung

    To examine the history of painting during the past century as a whole is a daunting task, fit only for the historian or curator with kamikaze fantasies. While the definition of painting as a medium is still relatively clear—despite numerous technical innovations and self-inflicted wounds—it seems futile to speak of painting as such without isolating specific issues and practices. Successful single-medium exhibitions tend to break down their subject into bite-size morsels (e.g., Paul Schimmel and Donna De Salvo’s “Hand-Painted Pop” at LA MoCA, 1992, or Laura Hoptman’s timely matchmaking in her

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