• Lisa Milroy

    Alan Christea Gallery

    The paintings that made Lisa Milroy’s reputation in the late ’80s were concatenations of reiterated, similar-but-different images: tires in one painting, folded shirts in another, even Greek vases or (significantly enough, as will be seen) Japanese prints, and so on, all rendered in a restrained, earnest way that was surprisingly painterly, given that they ended up evoking a nearly photorealist objectivity subsumed to the tabular space of the grid. Since then she’s plowed through vast stylistic terrain, though without ever relinquishing her interest in the dialogue between painting and the

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  • Matti Braun

    The Showroom

    Matti Braun had flooded the front section of Showroom, turning it into a little lake. Slices of tree trunk scattered within this pool provided stepping stones by means of which the visitor could get from the door to the small flight of steps leading to the back of the space. There were several possible routes across and a number of places where the beginnings of a pathway led out into the water before petering out. The firm ground and higher level of the gallery’s back space having been reached, a number of patolas—brightly colored, geometrically patterned Bengali fabrics—could be seen on the

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