• Valie Export

    Charim Galerie

    The pack of Smart Export cigarettes, an Austrian brand, looks a bit worse for the wear—but it is an icon. Accordingly, it is displayed in the foyer in the celebratory manner reserved for relics. The initiated will experience a mild thrill: This is the one, the legendary pack that Valie Export immortalized in the photograph that marked the feminist big bang in the patriarchal-clerical old Vienna of 1967 and which has since made it into practically every publication on the artist.

    “Export—always and everywhere,” she once remarked, “that is to say, exporting myself.” And it was meant as a reference

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  • Koo Jeong-A


    On the day before her opening at the Secession, Koo Jeong-A locked herself in the basement in order to work on its difficult series of spaces. When she came out twenty-four hours later, the work was done: Between an emergency exit, an office, and a storage room spread a poetic dream landscape, a compellingly carefree exhibition—subtle and meditative, yet anchored in the material bluntness that characterizes sculpture. In the relation between order and disorder there emerges a pattern, and these textures of chaos are what interest Koo.

    A large table—nearly twenty feet long—at the beginning of the

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