• Left: Hans-Peter Feldmann, untitled, n.d., color photograph. From the series “Ansichten von Autoradios, in denen gerade gute Musik spielt” (Car Radios Photographed While Good Music Was Playing), 1970s–90s. Right: Artist’s books by Hans-Peter Feldmann. From the series “Bilder” (Pictures; 1968–76).

    Hans-Peter Feldmann

    Museum Ludwig

    In the 1970s, when the American magazine Avalanche requested an interview with Hans-Peter Feldmann, he responded to each of their queries not with words but rather with a single image. For example, he answered the question of whether it was exciting to work on a vast scale with a view of a newsstand; and as his reply to an inquiry about the relationship of his work to language, Feldmann supplied a black-and-white photo of a young woman in a phone booth.

    Though this might at first seem like sophomoric mockery of the interview format, it is in fact a considered and witty reaction to it. Indeed,

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