• Runa Islam, Scale (1/16"= 1ft), 2003.

    Runa Islam, Scale (1/16"= 1ft), 2003.

    8th International Istanbul Biennial

    Istanbul Biennial

    As I write, there is news of bombs exploding in Istanbul. Reviewing that city’s recent art biennial, organized by Dan Cameron, senior curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, feels not only difficult but misguided, almost inappropriate. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the bombs are an expression, however dreadful, of the increasingly dire geopolitical situation that many works in the exhibition, titled “Poetic Justice,” attempted to address. Take, for example, Emily Jacir’s Where We Come From, 2002—2003, a photo-and-text piece shown in an Ottoman cannon foundry (one of four spaces

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