• Roni Horn

    The Art Institute of Chicago

    An extensive iteration of Roni Horn’s encyclopedic project to photograph the Thames, staged at the Art Institute of Chicago, saw the artist partner her own signature fluidity with the solidity of the modernist canon. Curated by James Rondeau, this remarkable exhibition, “Some Thames,” consisted of seventy-seven framed photographs installed throughout twenty-five galleries devoted to the museum’s permanent collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as in its corridors, stairwells, lobbies, offices, and library.

    The footnotes that Horn employs in her work usually provide textual counterpoints,

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  • Jenny Perlin

    Gallery 400

    The raspy clackety-clack of 16 mm cine projectors is already a poignant and wistful sound, and this exhibition of recent films and drawings by Jenny Perlin included four such projectors running nonstop. One of them showed Washing, 2002, a grainy, ten-second silent black-and-white loop of the artist washing a window in her Brooklyn studio, the Manhattan skyline visible outside. Poignant and wistful certainly but melancholic and forlorn to boot, the repetitive act of stroking the window through which Manhattan beckons seems an act of obeisance, an acknowledgment of the fractious relationship

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