• Enzo Cucchi

    Paolo Curti / Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co.

    After an absence of three years, Enzo Cucchi returned to Milan with an exhibition, “Prima neve” (First Snow), dominated by a single, large, plaster sculpture located in the first room of this modestly sized gallery. Il comandante della luce in perlustrazione (The Commander of Light on Patrol; all works 2004) recalls those vertical sculptures in Gothic cathedrals that were elongated to compensate for being viewed from below, and it greeted the visitor with a strongly ambiguous charge. The nude male figure alludes to the features of Christ—head bowed, long beard and hair, sunken eyes—and brings

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  • Gianni Caravaggio

    Galleria Francesca Kaufmann/Studio Nike

    In these two simultaneous shows, the thirty-six-year-old artist Gianni Caravaggio reorganized his entire body of work from the past ten years. Most of the pieces at Galleria Kaufmann were being shown for the first time, while Nike featured previously exhibited works; all in all, there were a dozen. In Melancolia, ovvero trasparente (Melancholy, or Transparent), 1995, a photograph on transparent acetate, the then-twenty-six-year-old artist’s face is shown leaning against the hand of an elderly person, as if the two belonged to the same body. Sugar no sugar molecule, 2002, is a parallelepiped made

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