• Elisabetta di Maggio

    Viafarini DOCVA

    The work of Elisabetta di Maggio is materially slight, not only because her chosen material is tissue paper, but also because she treats space and time as impalpable categories. Here, even a barrier closing off the passage between the two gallery spaces—Senza titolo (Untitled), 2005—was nothing more than a double wall of tissue paper, two thin sheets with a small gap between them. These had been perforated with a scalpel, pricked with patterns like those of old embroidery. Light and projected shadows filtered through, and, depending on the point from which one viewed it, the curtain acquired

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  • Ketty La Rocca

    Galleria Emi Fontana

    There is a lot of work in this show, although La Rocca was only thirty-seven when she died in 1976. While her career was not long—the first mature works are from 1964—she was prolific and had full command over the territory she chose to investigate, a territory that had little to do with the artistic categories in which her work was placed at the time. Her tool was words, and this is apparent everywhere in her work, both when she uses them directly, constructing ironic collages by cutting out words and images from magazines and newspapers, and when she repeats them obsessively, using film posters

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