• Lecia Dole-Recio

    Richard Telles Fine Art

    In her third solo exhibition at Richard Telles Fine Art—six new works, all Untitled, 2005—Lecia Dole-Recio has aggressively built upon the foundations she laid down four years ago at the same gallery. The smallest of them, about a foot square, is unquestionably the most straightforward of Dole-Recio’s works to date and served as the show’s cornerstone. A collage of relentless diagonal strips of red and black paper, which are slightly at odds with a canted grid of squares cut from and returned to the surface, it suggests the propulsive dynamism—and palette—of El Lissitzky’s “Prouns” but might

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  • Jörg Lozek


    It was hard at first to figure out just what was going on in the four large paintings of interiors that Leipzig-based artist Jörg Lozek presented, along with four portraits, in his recent US solo debut at Sandroni Rey. As whirlwinds of painted and drawn pattern—the surfaces depicted include wallpaper, flooring, and upholstery—jumbled with hard-edged swatches of poured color, they negotiated a tempestuous push-pull, becoming a sort of manic, quasi-illusionist take on Frank Stella’s late ’60s abstractions. But the compositional cacophony ultimately yields to spatial order, thanks in large part to

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