• Christoph Schlingensief

    Burgtheater Wien

    Since his production of Parsifal at Bayreuth in 2004, Christoph Schlingensief has become for some the enfant terrible of the theater world, for others a contemporary descendant of Joseph Beuys. Schlingensief takes Beuys’s idea of an expanded art and turns it into expanded theater—something he has done even more successfully now, at the Burgtheater Wien in his installation Area7, than in his Parsifal. Based on Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, Schlingensief’s production, which combines theater, opera, film, visual arts, and “happenings,” selects but one theme from this setting of the crucifixion story,

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  • Lei Xue

    Galerie Hubert Winter

    Should an artist who is faithful to a particular regional culture and its legacies and practices seek recognition by complying with the standards of the cultural hegemon? It used to be imperative to assimilate to New York or some other international center to avoid the fate of being merely a “national” or “regional” artist. That changed with the rise of multiculturalism and the replacement of the desire for modern assimilation by postmodern differentiation as a strategy for power sharing. But then, in a further twist, some regional artists began borrowing the master’s tools to throw up their

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