• Nevin Aladag

    Gitte Weise Gallery

    In her videos and photographs, Nevin Aladag works in a poetic documentary style where nothing is “told” but a great deal is “shown.” This clearly defined artistic concept matches its subject matter: Aladag, born in 1972 in Van in eastern Turkey and now living in Berlin, often focuses on foreignness and self-determination as they are experienced by young people of Turkish origin in Germany today. Demarcation and amalgamation, the search for cultural roots and social connection: Aladag is trying to create individual meaning within the larger context of the production of identity. She is interested

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  • Ana Torfs


    Being murdered can make dying less lonely. If it leads to a criminal trial, the most solitary act of life becomes a public event, if not a theatrical spectacle, which repeatedly delves into the moments leading up to the victim’s last heartbeat. The instant of death can be as tricky to determine as the guilt of the accused. Driven by conflicting testimonies, the trial is not only a drama in itself but also an attempt to come up with one final script about the victim’s death. A trial reenacts a murder only to produce its own safer version, which turns crime into justice, death into language.


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