• Vanessa Beecroft

    Lia Rumma | Milan

    Since 1983, the war in Sudan has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, created three million refugees and evacuees, and led to a 9 percent infant mortality rate and to an average life expectancy of fifty-eight years. It is within this brutal context that Vanessa Beecroft embarked on the project VB South Sudan, 2005–, which comprises a documentary video (still in progress) and six photographs from 2006 that take as their subject the artist’s three trips to the Diocese of Rumbek to visit the local orphanage and donate breast milk to three babies, including a pair of sickly twins.


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  • Gianni Colosimo

    Galleria Pack

    Gianni Colosimo’s exhibition “WALLPAPER (il vortice del desiderio è privo d’orizzonte)” (WALLPAPER [the vortex of desire has no horizon]) effected a powerful interrogation of the gallery space through the application and obsessive repetition of a single visual module: the fabled greenback, the American one-dollar bill. Proliferating, invading the space, this “decorative” element was in no way “neutral” or innocuous. Rather, it activated the viewer’s visual field to an alarming degree. The banknote, removed from the field of exchange, seemed to have become the exclusive object of a worrisome form

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