• Lucas Lenglet

    Magnus Müller

    In a short period of time, Dutch artist Lucas Lenglet has created a unique and memorable trademark out of some familiar references: The geometric construction of the tank traps he uses in his installations appears to refer to Sol LeWitt’s metal grid structures. In the tradition of Dan Graham, Lenglet makes particular reference to architecture. The spaces he builds—their shelving systems, their seating arrangements, and the added photographs of buildings—are always conceived as an extension of what Lenglet calls his “archaeology of action.”

    This exhibition brings together several ensembles of

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  • Katarina Löfström

    Jan Winkelmann / Berlin

    Katarina Löfström has stars in her eyes. Where others see city lights on the horizon, the Swedish artist discovers strange constellations, twinkling against a black and boundless outer space. Her computer-animated videos have created heavenly bodies from the night lights of Berlin (Tower, 2004, was filmed from the city’s iconic television tower) and Stockholm (An Island, 2004, captures the amusement park Gröna Lund from a distant shore). By slightly blurring each nocturnal cityscape, Löfström’s projections teeter between abstraction and figuration; illuminated streets and buildings structure

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