• Tavares Strachan

    the luggage store gallery

    Tavares Strachan’s Where We Are Is Always Miles Away, 2005–2006, is a deft, clever act of land use and creative shipping. The artist has removed a chunk of Connecticut sidewalk—from Crown Street, New Haven, to be exact—and sent it, via truck, to the San Francisco gallery Luggage Store. The project, while easy to describe, is an attention-getter invested with myriad implications. With Where We Are Is Always Miles Away, Strachan engages in a dialogue around global capitalism, personal mobility, and cultural displacement. His installation implies balkanization on physical, biographical, and political

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  • Linda Geary

    Rena Bransten Gallery

    As evinced by her recent exhibition, Bay Area painter Linda Geary has embarked on an entirely new phase in her ongoing investigation into the language of color. This may sound rather dry, but Geary’s exquisite compositions, constructed from tendrils and pools of watery pigment, are anything but. In each of the thirteen paintings shown (twelve on paper and one on canvas), vaguely eccentric forms—as boldly conceived as they are meticulously rendered—are spread across a field of pristine white.

    With a juggler’s adroitness, Geary uses both color and scale to manipulate the pictorial weight of the

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