• Lara Favaretto

    Galleria Franco Noero | Via Mottalciata

    Lara Favaretto, thirty-three years old, had not cut her hair for twelve years. But now she has done so, transforming the results of this personal decision into the material for a work of art. The mass of cut hair (some of it nearly four feet long) became the heart of a sturdy hemp rope, almost fifteen feet long, made specially by a master rope maker in Turin. In E’ così se mi interessa (It Is So if It Interests Me) (all works 2006), the rope dangled from a mechanical arm attached to the ceiling and was moved by a motor that made it shake violently, unexpectedly, almost in spasms, striking the

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  • Carlo Mollino

    Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea/Castello di Rivoli

    I wonder what it would feel like to live in an interior designed by Carlo Mollino. Unsettling, presumably, since to do so would mean being at home with both Eros and Thanatos—the two forces we can never live comfortably with. This uneasy character is what sets Mollino apart from the other great designers of postwar Italy, with whom he shares a sense of elegance, sensuality, and irony; he worked much more closely than they did with the darker psychological sources of intense form. It is for this reason that his work—not only the astonishing photographs he took for his own pleasure (presented at

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