• Peter Zimmermann

    Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

    It might not be easy to see past the highly reflective surfaces of the works in Peter Zimmermann’s recent show “Reliance,” but when you do, you are pulled in by the layers and layers of color and light trapped in hardened pools of epoxy resin, each tinged by the strata above and below. Zimmermann’s paintings are stunning—and yet they look hideous in reproduction.

    Rare, of course, is the painter who fails to claim that his paintings don’t photograph well; it would be a sign of bad painting if something weren’t lost in the process. But in Zimmermann’s case, the gap between what can be painted and

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  • Christine Rebet

    Kamel Mennour | Rue Saint-André des Arts

    In 1911 the Dreamland fairground on Coney Island was completely destroyed by fire, a tragedy foreshadowed by the fear-inducing entertainment that had been the amusement park’s top draw: Fighting the Flames, a terrifying show in which hundreds of performers staged the elaborate rescue of more than a dozen people from the top of a burning six-story building. In her exhibition “Tiger Escape,” French artist Christine Rebet (who lives and works in New York) has returned the surreal details of this seaside nightmare to the status of spectacle in twenty-three colored ink drawings, a sound installation,

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