• Pipilotti Rist

    Magasin 3 Projekt (Djurgårdsbrunn)

    Otherworldly femininity, vivacious color, and trancelike fantasy sum up the qualities many viewers have found in the art of Pipilotti Rist. By now overused and hollowed out, whatever these terms once evoked seemed beside the point of her retrospective “Gravity, Be My Friend.” Eight installations (and fifteen videos available on demand in the installation Das Zimmer [The Room], 1994/2007) spanning Rist’s work since 1986 offered more perspective and substance than phrases like visual poetics can handle. Retrospectives are occasions to sharpen judgment and revise early conclusions. Here are a few:

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  • Kajsa Dahlberg


    Habent sua fata libelli, “Books have their fates.” As Walter Benjamin noted, this Latin saying has another meaning for book collectors: Each physical copy of a book has its own fate. For a project presented in her recent solo show, Kajsa Dahlberg followed the fate of copies of the Swedish translation of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own (1929). First published in Sweden in 1958, Ett eget rum has gone through two editions and several printings, although Jane Lundblad’s translation and the page layout of the book have not changed over the years. Dahlberg borrowed the books from hundreds of

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