• Regina José Galindo

    Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani

    “Tres Acciones” was the second exhibition in Milan by Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo, who won the Golden Lion award for artists under thirty-five at the 2005 Venice Biennale. Here she showed a three-channel video along with a related sculptural installation and thirty-one photographs. The video triptych XX, 2007, shows the burial, in unmarked graves, of unclaimed bodies of men, women, and children: corpses placed in large black plastic bags (children in little transparent sacks), indifferent gravediggers shoveling the earth. A mason places a small white marble gravestone to mark each

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  • Deborah Ligorio

    Francesca Minini

    “The audacity of modernity has trained us to challenge the double vertigo of abyss and sky at the same time.” This is not a passage from a Futurist manifesto but the voice-over from an old TV documentary on Mt. Vesuvius, which is incorporated into Italian artist Deborah Ligorio’s latest video, Il Sonno (Sleep; all works 2007). Excavated from Italy’s largest cinematographic archive, the Luce Institute, the clip mixes the crackling noises of radio broadcasts and the mesmerizing sounds of a psychedelic score. The extracts accompany aerial sequences shot in flight during a journey that starts at

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