• “The Yan Pei-Ming Show”

    MASSIMODECARLO | Milan/Lombardia

    A solo exhibition that involved other artists, “The Yan Pei-Ming Show” was the work of several hands, featuring contributions by Piotr Uklanski and Huang Yong Ping under the direction of Chinese painter Yan Pei-Ming. It was like a TV show with guests in the studio and a host overseeing the various phases of the program. One entered the first space of the gallery by passing through a small opening, as if coming in from behind the scenes. This sense that one was walking onstage must have been a deliberate effect, since Yan chose to place the rear facade of a small temporary structure precisely

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  • Shin II Kim

    Galleria Riccardo Crespi

    The various works in “Active Anesthesia,” Shin Il Kim’s first solo exhibition in Italy, concerned the idea of light, which has always been fundamental to the work of this Korean-born, Brooklyn-based artist. One need only think of the technique he often employs: delicately engraving nearly invisible lines into sheets of paper, lines that are perceptible only when the angle of light is just so, then editing these “drawings” into videos, frame by frame (some twenty-five drawings per second). In his earlier “drawing-videos,” such as Door and Water (both 2003), gestures such as opening a door or

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