• David Coyle


    In his recent book, Hotel Theory (2007), Wayne Koestenbaum writes, “Genres can be guests within other genres. A genre is a hotel in which other genres stay for the night.” Evidently in agreement with this observation, painter David Coyle has dedicated himself to interrupting the drive toward interpretive closure by hopping between, juxtaposing, and layering visual signifiers of genre. In his second solo exhibition at the now defunct 40000, Coyle demonstrated his dedication to combinatory experiment by marshaling elements of fantasy illustration, gestural abstraction, geometric composition,

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  • Siebren Versteeg

    Rhona Hoffman Gallery

    The Internet’s ceaseless flow of information, the parallel universes that it births and destroys, the cacophony of perpetual interactivity it encourages, all create torrents of new, largely unregulated visual data. Siebren Versteeg designs programs and display strategies to tap into these streams, siphoning off bits here and there, rearticulating their systems of presentation, and ultimately jamming their promise of stability and ubiquity.

    For Untitled Film #4 (all works 2007), Versteeg wrote a program that dips into in real time and projects an unending and never repeating sequence

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