• Lee Ufan

    Lisson Gallery | 27 Bell Street | London

    Born in Korea in 1936, Lee Ufan emigrated in his late teens to Japan, where in the late 1960s and early ’70s he was among the protagonists of Mono-ha, “the school of things,” a movement that to some extent paralleled Western arte povera and post-Minimalism. He now divides his time between Japan and France. Most of his recent paintings fall within a series titled “Dialogues,” 2005–, and are produced according to the same method: Between one and four brushstrokes of gray paint are made on pure white canvases.

    But perhaps it is misleading to call them brushstrokes; they are not singular traces of

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  • “Front of House”

    Parasol unit

    “Front of House” is a collaborative exhibition conceived as a four-way conversation between artists Ângela Ferreira and Narelle Jubelin, architect Marcos Corrales, and curator Andrew Renton. And a very polite conversation it seems to be at first, taking place in a sort of Miesian parlor furnished with beautifully crafted shelves arranged and designed by Corrales, an Andre-like Equivalent sculpture made up of Renton’s long-lost catalogues to his 1993 exhibition “Walter Benjamin’s Briefcase” (itself famously lost in transit), and some elegantly built wooden sculptures. Artworks such as Ferreira

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