• Silke Wagner

    Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.)

    According to Marius Babias, the new director of the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, “Silke Wagner presents a programmatic choice for NBK’s new orientation.” Wagner’s artistic approach, Babias says, refers “to the question of activating publicity and creates offerings for communication and interaction”—and thus appears to operate in complete unison with his intent to sustain, as the ground for an ideal critical education, the possibility of “participation in civil society” in a protected institutional space independent of market pressures. Babias’s reorientation of the NBK. is guided not by self-reflexive

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  • “62 Days, 58 Shows, 212 Artists”

    The Forgotten Bar

    A crowd was assembled on the sidewalk outside the bar, drinking beer out of bottles. Around the corner, a few young Turkish men had set up a grill right in the street. Inside the long, narrow, gray space known as the Forgotten Bar, you had to squeeze past loudly vociferating artists to find the television screen hidden behind a refrigerator: Onscreen, a man enters a sparsely furnished hotel room, lights a fuse, and then fireworks explode until nothing is left but black smoke. Somehow the video, Room 113 (Royal Monceau), 2008, is reminiscent of those on YouTube in which guys slip Mentos into Coke

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