• Carlos Bunga

    Galería Elba Benitez

    Three years after his first exhibition at this gallery, Carlos Bunga once again surprised the viewer with the works presented in “Yuxtaposiciones” (Juxtapositions). In 2005, the Elba Benítez Project developed the installations that the Portuguese artist had begun in 2003, with which he startled visitors at group shows such as the 2004 Manifesta 5 in Donostia–San Sebastián, Spain. These were large-scale architectural structures made of cardboard and adhesive tape, painted white on the exterior and in various tones in the interior, which Bunga then demolished through cuts at the base and top and

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  • Lara Almarcegui

    Galeria Pepe Cobo

    Broadly speaking, Lara Almarcegui’s work can be divided into two areas: her public actions (often performed under the umbrella of a biennial or other event), which involve situations or tasks that take place in a common space, sometimes before or even in collaboration with an audience; and her photographic and written archive-related work, which is usually exhibited in galleries or released in publications.

    The actions Almarcegui has carried out in her fifteen-year career include digging a hole in an empty lot in Amsterdam (Digging, 1996), painting several huts in Turin, Italy different colors

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