• Richard Prince

    Galerie Patrick Seguin | Paris

    I put Nabokov’s Lolita and Kubrick’s Lolita next to each other. The book is Monarch Select paperback, MS27. No image on the cover. All graphics. Just the name ‘Lolita’ in red, stenciled in longhand against two background bands of yellow and white. The movie is an MGM/CBS Home Video. It’s in a thin cardboard slipcase. On the cover is a pastel illustration of Sue Lyon as Lolita. She has orange, heart-shaped sunglasses on. There’s a lollipop in her mouth. “Black comedy,” “Tragic farce,” “Comic despair” are italicized to the bottom left of her head. On the back, small black-and-white stills of Quilty

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  • “Les Feuilles”

    Super/Palais de Tokyo

    “Les Feuilles” (Sheets) took place at two sites. Works by Barbara Bloom, Robert Breer, Isabelle Cornaro, Aurélien Froment, Ryan Gander, Benoît Maire, Clément Rodzielski, and Raphaël Zarka were presented at Super, an artist-run space that opened last year, while works by these same artists plus Julien Crépieux, Mark Geffriaud, and Jiří Kolář were shown at Module 2 of the Palais de Tokyo. Curated by Élodie Royer and Yoann Gourmel, “Les Feuilles” mainly included artists in their late twenties and early thirties but, holding to a convergence of artistic approaches rather than claiming inheritance,

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