• Guy Ben-Ner

    Konrad Fischer Galerie | Berlin

    The charm of Guy Ben-Ner’s videos derives in large part from his unusual choice of actors—often the artist himself, his wife, and their child. True to form, Ben-Ner continued to avoid professional actors in his most recent video, Second Nature, made for the Liverpool Biennial in 2008. But this time, a fox and a crow are the stars, reenacting Aesop’s ancient fable of the fox and the raven with help from their trainers. And while “nurture” was an oft-repeated theme in his family films, Second Nature is an overtly behavioral experiment, in which the entire focus is on the conditioning of all

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  • Katharina Sieverding

    Galerie Thomas Schulte

    In her latest solo show, which formed part of the “Forum Expanded” program associated with this year’s Berlinale, Katharina Sieverding invited viewers to enter literally into a pictorial space in which—as critic Rainer Bellenbaum noted in a lecture during the film festival— the apparatuses of cinema and art exhibition overlapped. Sieverding projected a randomly controlled digital slide show, Projected Data Images, 2009, directly onto a large wall of the gallery, creating a dynamic surface with fragmentary views of architectural monuments of postwar German history repeated in parallel. These

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