• “Fragile Monuments”

    Suzie Q Projects, Galerie Bob van Orsouw

    Bob van Orsouw invited Eva Scharrer to serve as guest curator for the second exhibition in his new project room, Suzie Q. The result was a small group show bringing together six artists currently living in Switzerland. “Fragile Monuments” assembled a range of skeptical positions regarding the grand public monument, a fitting sentiment in a small country with a long tradition of direct democracy and strategic understatement. But perhaps more importantly, these artists explore the notion of fragility in relation to modernism’s heroic claims, particularly its championing of the self-reflexivity of

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  • Teresa Margolles

    Galerie Peter Kilchmann | Zahnradstrasse 21

    The Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, who trained in forensic medicine, recounts facts that are not exactly easy to digest. On the one hand, she takes as her theme the escalating criminality and extremely high murder rate in Mexico; on the other, the sociopolitical problems that accompany the massive body count. Many of the victims do not receive proper funerals and are consigned to the anonymity of mass graves, either because they are unidentifiable or because their families cannot afford the expense. What is difficult for many viewers to bear about Margolles’s creations is the drastic nature

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