• Christian Frosi


    The governing principle behind Christian Frosi’s installations is trans- formation. Negating the original function of the things and tools he appropriates, the artist builds structures that appear as ensembles of objects placed in relationship to one another, not on the basis of formal qualities or iconography but as constituents of a process. What matters is not the individual element and its function, but rather the overall system. Superimposition, dovetailing, alignment, and opposition are some of the basic ordering principles. One of the four works conceived by the artist for this exhibition

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  • Michal Helfman

    Cardi Gallery

    An ideal title for Israeli artist Michal Helfman’s recent show might be “Mirage,” since it seemed to revolve around the distortion and inversion of images. Upon entering the ground floor of the gallery, visitors were greeted by a sequence of jagged mirrors, cut and arranged low on a wall to evoke a range of desert mountains. Above this work hung a glowing yellow “sun” too Pop to be realistic; it was, in fact, an Eero Saarinen–esque Tulip table mounted horizontally and loosely covered with a yellow tablecloth. This installation, titled The Lesson, 2009, extended into an adjacent room, which was

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