• Sanja Iveković, Übung macht den Meister (Practice Makes a Master), 1982/2009. Performance view, Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2009.

    Sanja Iveković

    Van Abbemuseum/BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

    A PHOTO SHOWS a young woman in jeans pulling on a pair of boots. A photo beside it shows Marilyn Monroe curled up on a sofa, gazing toward the camera. The caption below her reads: A LONG WAY TO GLORY AND POPULARITY. The image of Monroe comes from a November 1975 special edition of the Yugoslavian magazine Duga, titled Tragedija jedne Venere (Tragedy of a Venus), and the juxtaposition of the two shots is taken from a series of twenty collages by Sanja Iveković bearing the same name. Each collage combines a captioned image of Monroe from Duga with a personal photograph of the artist from different

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