• View of “Consider the Lobster,” 2009, CCS Galleries, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. Foreground: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 2007. Middleground: The Eagle Has Landed, 2006. Background: Car Stereo Parkway, 2005. Photo: Jason Mandella.

    Rachel Harrison

    CCS Bard Hessel Museum

    RACHEL HARRISON HAS A FLAIR FOR TITLES, even when borrowed, as in the case of her current midcareer survey, “Consider the Lobster.” The name comes from a collection of David Foster Wallace’s magazine articles, one of which finds the author at the annual Maine Lobster Festival, pondering the “morality” of the American ritual of lobster boiling. Harrison’s choice of title is explicitly referenced near the entrance to a companion exhibition with a projection of László Moholy-Nagy’s 1936 film Lobsters, but it’s worth considering how this “garbage man” of the sea, to borrow Wallace’s epithet, might

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