• Rosa Barba

    Gió Marconi

    A movie projector, a 16-mm film, and an automatic mechanism hidden inside a pedestal: These are the elements used by Rosa Barba, an Italian-born artist who lives in Berlin, for Machine Vision Seekers, 2004, one of the five powerful installations in her solo exhibition “Stating the Real Sublime.” The projector, positioned on a motor-activated support, oscillates in jerking movements. It points a beam of light at the wall, projecting a line of words onto a portion of the surface; a moment later, it turns rapidly and freezes again, making the projected words run from one wall to another. The machine

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  • “It Rests by Changing”

    Galleria Raffaella Cortese | Via Stradella 7

    The title of this group show, conceived and curated by Simone Menegoi, comes from a fragment by the pre-Socratic philosopher Heracleitus: μεταβαλλον αναπα εται. We don’t know the original referent, but some people think it must have been “the world”; others, “the soul.” In this case, “it” connotes the structure of sculpture, the medium’s openness to infinite evolutions even in its apparently static material form. The four artists whose works were included—Rolf Julius, Jiří Kovanda, Roman Signer, and Franz Erhard Walther—all attempt to overcome the traditional idea of sculpture, reevaluating its

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