• Rineke Dijkstra

    Galerie Max Hetzler | Oudenarder Strasse

    For nearly two decades, Rineke Dijkstra has used frontal photographic portraiture to register the unrehearsed innocence, inhibition, and insecurity that mark the difficult and often tragicomic transition from adolescence to maturity. “Liverpool” presented new photographic and video work produced during the 2008–2009 Tate Liverpool exhibition “The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space,” which provided the artist with a functional studio setup within the museum, much like the temporary studios she had constructed to isolate and film pubescent clubbers for her earlier work The Buzzclub, Liverpool,

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  • Anne Tismer

    Volksbühne Berlin

    What would Hitler say? This question has recently gone from being posed ironically in Germany to a global musing. YouTube now has more than 140 mash-ups of the movie Der Untergang (The Downfall) (2004), which answer the question by using subtitles to show what Hitler would say if he found out that the iPad does not support multitasking play, or that he lost the LA MOCA directorship to Jeffrey Deitch. These mash-ups have turned Hitler into a global meme for uncontrolled rage. Now Anne Tismer has merged Hitler with the amazingly popular Facebook game FarmVille. Her performance Hitlerine, 2010,

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