• View of “Gerard Byrne,” 2010, Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Ireland. Foreground: Column, 2010. From A Thing Is a Hole in a Thing It Is Not, 2010.

    Gerard Byrne

    Lismore Castle Arts

    IMAGES OR SHADOWS OF DIVINE THINGS, an installation comprising black-and-white photographs that Gerard Byrne has been making since 2005, limns the specific sense of anachronism one sees so frequently in the Irish artist’s work and served as an enigmatic introduction to this solo exhibition. Here is an America seemingly stranded in limbo between the mid-1960s and the present-day, an array of images at once familiar in terms of styles and subjects and vexed by a subtle disequilibrium. Street scenes worthy of Lee Friedlander or Saul Leiter abut shopwindows out of late Walker Evans and figures

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