• Anne-Lise Coste

    NoguerasBlanchard | Barcelona

    Last winter, Anne-Lise Coste undertook a sort of exorcism of five years that she spent in clinical treatment during her youth. Working quickly and obsessively, she produced a large series of drawings (and one sculpture) that deals with that early traumatic experience. The result, on view in its entirety in an exhibition titled “5 days 5 years,” was disturbing and vehement, if perfectly closed off and cohesive, making this one of the season’s best shows in Barcelona.

    The series, titled “There,” 2010, does not constitute a documentary reconstruction of the episode in question, nor does it make

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  • Bracha L. Ettinger and Ria Verhaeghe

    Fundació Antoni Tàpies

    This demanding exhibition was not for anyone who might be in a hurry. It required patience, concentration, and above all, a great deal of time. Curator Catherine de Zegher, the former director of the Drawing Center, in New York, has long been looking at convergences in the work of Bracha L. Ettinger, an artist and psychoanalyst based in Israel and France, and Ria Verhaeghe, a Flemish artist who has worked as a nurse. On a broad scale, de Zegher’s major 1996 traveling exhibition, “Inside the Visible: An Elliptical Traverse of Twentieth Century Art in, of, and from the Feminine” (which featured

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