• “Transfer”

    Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras

    Transfer: Arte Urbana e Contemporânea, Transferências e Transformações” (Transfer: Urban and Contemporary Art, Transfers and Transformations) brought Brazilian youth subcultures of street art, underground comics, fanzines, independent music, and skateboarding to a newly opened museum built according to an early 1950s design by Oscar Niemeyer. With several hundred artists, designers, performers, and musicians, many of them autodidacts, represented by a wide range of original works in different media and extensive photographic and video documentation of their activities over the past thirty years,

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  • Ivens Machado

    Luciana Brito Galeria

    MADE IN CHINA, printed on the cardboard boxes used for transporting bicycles Ivens Machado incorporated into his new sculptures (and used as the title of this show), evokes an obvious association: cheap goods mass-produced in the world’s most populous country and sold globally. The Brazilian artist also utilized shipping boxes with different labeling—for example: CONTENTS MADE IN THE USA. FRAGILE FURNITURE. Such clearly visible, specific words might encourage the viewer to speculate about their significance for the overall meaning of Machado’s works. Do they simply belong to the “found” qualities

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