• View of “Rainier Lericolais,” 2010. Foreground: Hommage à Robert Le Ricolais, 2010. Background, inside vitrines, Tentative de moulage d’explosion 3 (Attempt to Cast Explosion 3), 2009; Tentative de moulage d’explosion 4 (Attempt to Cast Explosion 4), 2009; Tentative de moulage d’explosion 6 (Attempt to Cast Explosion 6), 2009.

    Rainier Lericolais

    Centre D’Art Contemporain

    Sixty works dated from 1992 to the present, some made specifically for this exhibition, offer a survey of the visual work of Rainier Lericolais, who is both an artist and a musician—a creator, one might say, of curiosities. Though he uses humble materials and rudimentary or somewhat outmoded techniques, he nevertheless produces singular, bizarre objects that are able both to surprise and to confound viewers. He has, for instance, attempted to “cast” both water and explosions. For the series “Tentative de moulage d’eau” (Attempt to Cast Water), 2009, the artist poured hot paraffin onto water.

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