• Agnieszka Polska, Objekt 7 (Object 7), 2008, photocollage, 15 x 9 7/8". From the series “Objekty” (Objects), 2008.

    Agnieszka Polska

    Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk

    The exhibition “Decades” is the first solo museum presentation outside Poland of the work of Agnieszka Polska, born in 1985. It includes both photographs and videos, all displayed in a single uniformly lit space—which is something of a shame, because the video works would have benefited from darker viewing conditions.

    The thirteen coarse-grained photocollages that make up the series “Obiekty” (Objects), 2008, have a nostalgic effect, recalling the time when photography was predominantly in black-and-white. Portrayed in them are artworks in public spaces: three playfully stacked circle shapes,

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