• View of Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, “Bright White Underground,” 2010.

    Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe

    Country Club Projects

    For anyone familiar with Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe’s previous collaborations—from their initial exploration of speed psychosis (Hello Meth Lab in the Sun, 2008) to the more hallucinogenic Black Acid Co-op, 2009—it would have been evident that, in their most recent effort, Bright White Underground, 2010, the drugs may have changed once more, but the song remained the same. Again we were shown the bitter fallout from a period of overextended euphoria, as manifested in architectural wreckage; the literal deconstruction of built space as a direct analogy to bodies flooded with toxins.

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  • Zoe Crosher with Leslie Grant, Cindy Shermanesque (But She’s the Real Thing) (detail), 2005, 12 light-jet prints mounted on Plexiglas, dimensions variable.

    Zoe Crosher

    Charlie James Gallery

    The suggestive title of Zoe Crosher’s recent exhibition, “For UR Eyes Only—the Unveiling of Michelle duBois,” might have been lifted from a mass-market paperback at the airport bookstore. Appropriately enough, a flight attendant is what duBois (one among a handful of aliases used by the stated subject of this show) aspired to be. Through the evidence on display here—costume changes, pseudonyms, mysterious sugar daddies—in a variety of photographic formats, we also learn that she freelanced turning tricks. And though plenty about this character remains unknown, there is little

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