• Tamara Arroyo, Family Volvo, 2010, ink on paper, 15 x 22". From the series Ejercicios de memoria III (Memory Exercises III), 2010.

    Tamara Arroyo

    Galería José Robles

    Better than any of Tamara Arroyo’s exhibitions to date, “El arte de la memoria” (The Art of Memory) summarized her concerns as they are expressed in drawing. The title correctly posits memory and its relationship with artistic representation as the focal point of her work. Although her oeuvre is polymorphic (Arroyo has also used photography, architecture, video, and so on), it finds in drawing a precise medium for formulating analysis and venturing suggestion. The artist herself has no doubt about what she wants to intimate; for more than a decade, her work has involved the recovery of her past

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