• View of “William Cobbing,” 2010.

    William Cobbing

    Viafarini DOCVA

    Since Viafarini moved to its new space in 2008, this nonprofit art organization has often presented shows that mine the expressive potential of the building, a former tram depot. The first thing that caught the viewer’s eye in the English artist William Cobbing’s exhibition “Man in the Planet” was an extremely long orange pipe made of PVC; it ran across the space, seemingly passing through both the building’s supporting columns and the head of a life-size cement cast of the artist’s body—an untitled work originally made for a group show in Rome in 2006. As the curator of the Viafarini

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  • Corrado Levi, Quasi, autoamori di Johnny (Almost, Johnny’s Self-Loves) (detail), 2004–10, semen and ink on paper, dimensions variable.

    Corrado Levi


    The title sounded mysterious, “Quasi, autoamori di Johnny, e una poesia” (Almost, Johnny’s Self-Loves, and a Poem), but it perfectly illustrated the content of Corrado Levi’s show, which opened shortly after the artist’s large-scale retrospective at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Bergamo, some twenty-five miles outside Milan. At Peep-Hole, however, there was only a very short poem and a string hung across the room lengthwise, from one wall to another, to which twenty-seven sheets of paper were attached. The same configuration, sans poem, was repeated in a smaller adjacent room,

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