• Ben Vautier, Total Art Match-Box, 1965, matchbox with offset-printed paper label, 1 3/8 x 2 x 1/2“. From “Debris from the Cultural Underground.”

    “Debris from the Cultural Underground”

    Ever Gold [Projects] | Minnesota Street Project

    This past summer Levi Strauss & Co. launched an experiential advertising campaign known as the Levi’s Workshop in a storefront on San Francisco’s Valencia Street. Declaring “We Are All Workers,” the pop-up offered free public printmaking equipment and workshops in a hypercurated “raw” space where publishing zines became as banal as buying jeans (which one could also do there). In light of this attempt to marry the DIY producer to the sovereign consumer, “Debris from the Cultural Underground” at Ever Gold was a timely reminder of the radical possibilities of self-publishing and alternative

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  • View of “Chris Duncan,” 2010.

    Chris Duncan

    Baer Ridgway Exhibitions

    Chris Duncan’s latest exhibition, “Eye Against I,” opened with a makeshift, poster-covered wall, like one you might have seen at some grimy punk venue back in the ’90s. The gesture underscored the show’s title, a nod to the Washington, DC, hardcore band Bad Brains, and in particular to their anthem “I Against I.” The reference may be an oblique one for some, but it lends important context to this Oakland, California–based artist’s efforts. Throughout this show, and indeed his practice, Duncan mined questions of optics, partaking freely of techniques echoing the transcendental abstraction of Emma

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