• Scott Redford, Surf Painting/Black Palms, 2001, resin, decal, fiberglass, and acrylic on foam, 48 1/4 x 73 1/8".

    Scott Redford

    Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

    It was hard to know in the end how to take “Scott Redford: Introducing Reinhardt Dammn,” the Queensland Art Gallery’s 2010 summer exhibition. Although the gallery undoubtedly intended to mount a retrospective of the work of Scott Redford, this Gold Coast–born gay Pop bricoleur had for his part decided to devote half the show to the work of his recently invented heteronym, Reinhardt Dammn, “a 22-year-old surfer/artist/singer who lives at Tugun.” (For the Gold Coast, think Miami Beach; for Tugun, the least stylish suburb in Florida.)

    Dammn allows Redford to play dumb, or at least to avoid the

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