• Joseph Kosuth, Texts for Nothing #3, 2010, glass, white neon, black paint, 8 1/8 x 44 5/8".

    Joseph Kosuth

    Lia Rumma | Milan

    In this exhibition, Joseph Kosuth’s newest work, “Texts for Nothing”: Samuel Beckett, in play, 2010, occupies the first floor of Lia Rumma’s new space in Milan. The other two floors contain older works, dating as far back as 1965—evidence of the American artist’s long collaboration with the Italian gallerist, whose first exhibition of Kosuth’s work took place in 1971.

    To make his large new installation, Kosuth examined Samuel Beckett’s “Texts for Nothing” (1958), transcribing brief excerpts from it into white neon letters, some in English, others in Italian, which he mounted on the uniform

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