• Guido Nussbaum, 5 Schweizer Welten oval/schwebend (5 Swiss Worlds Oval/Floating), 2000–2001, oil on Pavatex, 43 1/4 x 31 1/2".

    Guido Nussbaum


    In the past, the globe, that model of the world as it appears from God’s perspective, inspired great strategists while encouraging them to gloss over the facts on the ground. These days, our view of the world alternates in a seamless zoom between images of outer space and individual buildings on Google Earth. We’ve become accustomed to clicking a mouse to choose between galaxies, continents, and street ad-dresses, in each case having direct access to details. For decades now, Guido Nussbaum has been studying images of our earth and painting pictures based on them. Nuss-baum is not a distanced

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