• Pedro G. Romero, Archivo F.X.—L’Argent (Archive F.X.—Money), 2010, DVD, monitor, blank DVDs, plastic envelopes, covers. Installation view.

    Pedro G. Romero

    Casa Sin Fin

    Archivo F.X. (Archive F.X.) is an ongoing project that Pedro G. Romero has been developing since 2000. It involves the recompilation, reorganization, and presentation of various sorts of archives, mostly related to contemporary Spanish history. The project is driven by Romero’s interest in establishing parallels between the tradition of iconoclasm and Spanish political heterodoxy in general, on the one hand, and radical avant-garde art practices, from Malevich to the Situationists, on the other. Though this intention is not always clear in the work itself, it is crucial to Romero’s long-standing

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