• Susan Rothenberg, Cabin Fever, 1976, acrylic and tempera on canvas, 67 x 84 1/8".

    Susan Rothenberg

    Miami Art Museum

    With a mere twenty-five canvases dating from 1976 to 2008, “Susan Rothenberg: Moving in Place” succinctly conveyed how, over the course of the artist’s low-key, four-decade career, she fulfilled her early promise and matured into an insightful, sensitive painter whose latest series may well be her most poignant. This mini retrospective also suggested that the standing interpretations of the sixty-six-year-old artist’s famed early output need revising.

    When Rothenberg’s equine paintings were first shown in 1975 at New York’s 112 Greene Street (and, six months later, uptown, at the former Willard

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