• Gabriele Basilico, Le Touquet, 1985, black-and-white photograph, 11 3/4 x 15 3/4". From the series “Bord de Mer 1984–85” (Seaside 1984–85).

    Gabriele Basilico

    Studio Guenzani

    Two threads emerged from this sophisticated mini-retrospective devoted to Gabriele Basilico: the investigation of the nature of the photographic medium and the discovery of a new identity for the figure of the author-photographer. The exhibition, organized in two rooms, presented a selection of twenty-six vintage black-and-white prints, linked to three documentary and interpretive projects that Basilico undertook in the 1980s and early ’90s. In the first room were photographs from the “Beirut 1991” series, bearing witness to the devastation of the Lebanese city at the end of the civil war there.

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  • Claudia Losi, Landscapes, 2010, glass, wood, metal, and photographs, 21 1/8 x 49 5/8 x 15 1/8".

    Claudia Losi

    Monica De Cardenas | Milan

    Claudia Losi has made the idea of storytelling central to her research. Entering her recent exhibition in Milan, one came across two pieces from her ongoing “Landscapes” series. Three more works from the same series were located in the fourth room. They had the same form and dimensions as the first two, but depict different subjects. All the compositions in the series are made using the same technique: layering reproductions of landscapes from vintage scientific publications and images taken by the artist. Each work is created by distributing nine images between ten overlapping sheets of glass,

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