• Eva Marisaldi, Post It, 2010, wood, plastic, polyester, 8' 3 1/8“ x 17' 10 1/2” x 13' 3 3/8".

    Eva Marisaldi

    Galleria Nicoletta Rusconi

    Eva Marisaldi’s recent exhibition was dominated by two new works, both 2010: a large sculpture, Post It, and Underlines, a video made in collaboration with Enrico Serotti, who also wrote the music, which lent the show its title. Both were inspired by a short film on YouTube in which some entomologists in Brazil discover a gigantic ant colony. By injecting into the anthill a liquid that then solidifies, the scientists obtain a cast of this large excavation carried out by the insects, a complex system of spaces forming channels and spherical cells. The idea of this type of construction project,

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  • Alessandro Ceresoli

    Francesca Minini

    Alessandro Ceresoli’s recent exhibition opened with a group of drawings that evoke the tradition of grotesque ceramics as much as that of grotesque drawing. These works, from 2009, combine images executed in black felt-tip pen and gold leaf with fragments of texts, all relating to a trip the artist made to Eritrea, which turned into a six-month stay in the capital, Asmara. The catalogue that accompanied the show also includes the story, dreamlike in part, yet not fictional, of the artist’s arrival in Asmara and his first impressions of the city. These are visionary and hallucinatory impressions

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